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UFOS Search Engines

Easily locate any piece of information required by your customers.

  • Common to all the UFOS software applications. A very powerful tool to increase staff efficiency and customer relations.
  • Stop playing “message tag” with your clients. Give them the answers they want when they ask for them. We can locate any piece of information they require at any time.
  • Stop confusion in the office. All personnel can use the software to their advantage. Once you know how, it’s a real tool designed to streamline operations.

All searches are based on current and historical data. Results can be viewed in descending or ascending order, as well as options to sort in numerous field segments.

Your company will clearly demonstrate its commitment to superior customer service, timesavings and excellence in communication.

UFOS Core Application

Expansion Modules

There are over 20 Modules available for UFOS and more in development.