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UFOS Document Image Management System (DIMS)

UFOS DOCS Module allows you to scan and save all your Documents on a Microsoft SQL Database and be accessible to users in ONE CLICK. No more searching for files in cabinets or storage rooms. Everything is stored electronically and accessible from your computer. This module SAVES TIME, Money, and become a convenient tool for users. After selecting a Document you can Email, Fax, or Print .

Use this module along with the Track and Trace System and allow your customers to download document 24/7.

Your customers will be able to view and print documents any time they want without having to contact or bother your customer service department.

Documents can also be saved as PRIVATE and PASSWORD protected – which can be accessed internally only.

UFOS Core Application

Expansion Modules

There are over 20 Modules available for UFOS and more in development.